Environmental Policy Statement

As a company involved in the design, manufacture and supply of industrial and commercial climate control products Linton Services Limited accepts that concern for the environment is an integral part of its business strategy and will pursue a policy of pollution prevention.

As a responsible member of the community Linton Services Limited accepts a duty of managing its business activities to ensure the best practicable environmental options are taken to protect the natural environment, and prevent pollution while achieving its business aims.

The company is embarking on a program of attaining formal approval of its Environmental Management system to ISO 14001 : 2004. All current policy and procedural documentation is undergoing a rolling review to achieve measurable performance improvement. To ensure this progress the company will hold regular planned reviews to set and monitor environmental objectives.

The company takes responsibility for its environmental impacts and is committed to continually improving its environmental performance and exercising best management and operational practice.

To achieve this Linton Services Limited will:

1. Comply with all relevant environmental legislation and standards.

2. Plan to minimise adverse environmental effects through the stages of design, manufacture, installation, operation, commissioning and decommissioning of its products.

3. Seek by a programme of continuous improvement, to minimise risks of environmental pollution by:

  • Handling and storing material and products without risk to individuals and the environment
  • Wherever practical reducing the levels of releases which may pollute the environment
  • Selecting materials with consideration to environmental impact and restricting, minimising or eliminating the use of harmful chemicals or substances and pollutants released into the environment
  • Liaising with clients and suppliers on potential environmental issues and working with them to address concerns
  • Promoting recycling and the use of recycled materials
  • Minimising the consumption of raw materials where possible and ensuring that any waste generated is disposed of with minimum impact on the environment
  • Maximising energy efficiency and promoting the wise use of energy

4. Make employees aware of the environmental policy and relevant environmental issues and motivate them to conduct activities in ways that ensure environmentally responsible operating conditions.

5. Annually review environmental issues, monitor environmental performance and identify areas  for improvement.Linton Services Limited recognises the importance of environmental issues and is committed to achieving sustainable development.

It is the responsibility of all employees to implement this policy and any rules or procedures which may be introduced.