Product Design and Management Service

We offer a bespoke product design and management service based upon our extensive experience and success within both the UK and overseas HVAC market.

Our design engineers are focused on providing a service to deliver innovative design solutions. We take pride in being open minded and highly dependable, and believe the client should be involved throughout the design process.

Linton Services Ltd possess an experienced team of Design Engineers who are flexible, to work to our clients needs. We are capable of undertaking engineering drawing and draughting projects across the majority of engineering design disciplines regardless of the size of a project, with no job being too big or too small.

All of the 2D CAD drawings & 3D CAD models we produce are produced to the highest standard, using the latest in 2D and 3D CAD software to ensure maximum accuracy and design efficiency.

Please use the contact us facility if you would like to discuss product design and product evaluation.


The Linton Design Process

Once a design project is undertaken by Linton Services Ltd, our design department commence a systematic design process utilising experienced engineering design and detail design, together with ensuring any relevant client design standards, CAD preferences and quality assurance procedures are communicated to all applicable parties.

All CAD projects are subjected to internal checking and client verification prior to the finalised 2D CAD drawings and 3D CAD models being released for manufacture.


What does Linton Services Ltd offer?

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Concept Drawings - Drawings usually based on sketches, meetings and prototypes and provide a visual aid to assist in explaining a new product to others. Concept Drawings are typically 'Top Level' drawings, which can include multiple views (plan, side, isometric, exploded etc.), annotations to aid explanation and overall dimensions.



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Fabrication / Manufacturing Drawings - Drawings which contain all the relevant information required for the production of a product. These drawings will commonly consist of Assembly, Sub-Assembly and Part drawings depending on the complexity of a product..



2D to 3D CAD Conversion

We can convert individual drawings or whole projects from 2D CAD format into a modern 3D format.

You may have been working with 2D CAD for a number of years but now your customers would like to see a 3D Image of their product, or you may of just upgraded to a 3D CAD system but do not have the time to convert your parts library to suit your CAD package.