Linton Services products are divided into Three main generic types.

Climate Control equipment includes a wide variety of products designed for HVAC applications, and includes ranges which are intended to suit both permanent and temporary applications. The ranges for temporary installations include warm air heating systems, packaged boiler houses and plant rooms, fan coil units for heating and cooling, and are particularly suited for use within the European hire and rental industry. The equipment intended for permanent installations includes packaged plant rooms, warm air heating systems, boiler houses, and heat exchange modules. These ranges are of particular interest to specialist HVAC installers and mechanical and electrical contractors.

Air Handling products consist of a wide range of bespoke Air Handling Units which are designed by third parties and manufactured by Linton Services on their behalf. The AHU range features a diverse and complex array of designs and configurations, offering the widest possible variety of purpose designed AHU to successfully provide the performance required in critical and highly demanding applications. These products have been specified and continue to be used by many well known blue chip companies across a variety of applications from retail distribution to pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Fire Protection & Attenuation equipment form a unique group of bespoke products all of which are application specific, and have been designed and manufactured to the highest standards, so as to offer performance and reliability in highly demanding and safety critical applications. These products have been specified, and continue to be used, throughout the world and across a very wide range of commercial and industrial applications where performance and reliability are the paramount considerations.